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January 06, 2009


Ed Darrell

I'd like to see a lot more practical testing. Most students I have are dreadful at map reading because they lack basic, common milk maid knowledge. In which compass direction does the sun rise? When the cowboy rides off into the sunset, which direction is he traveling?

This post of yours tickles a lot.

Porlock Junior

As I recall, when Homer and Flanders made their escape from Las Vegas, they were heading into the sunset. Hence, the mysterious Springfield would be west of Vegas. What the good people of Springfield, Oregon, near Eugene, think of this, I don't know. But it does show the importance of practical knowledge.

The Regents question is a nice one. Who knows what an egg weighs? But a little thought will show that it does not weigh most of a pound, nor yet 1/10 ounce, so we've placed the weight within an order of magnitude; and the choices given are mostly separated by 2 orders of magnitude, making the matter easier. (And for a test-psycher, the choice (a) might be eliminated just by being too close to the next one). So, knowing *g* and metric conversions, which you damn well better know, it works out.

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