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March 07, 2007



WOW, he's so better looking, ;D.........just kidding!


He is the sexiest most talented rap artist alive!!!! from Lancaster Pa's finest! get at ya gurl!


the Alf "Hey Mr. Underpants" photo is the single best thing in that book.


man i would love to see more good info. about my favourite raper(eminem) more offin. its better then hearing about all the bad things ppl say about him.


haha.. how funny looking was he when he was 14 :), seriously though, hes had an intresting life and its good to hear more stuff about him apart from the fact that he is a white rapper from detroit :)


Dude looks exactly like his dad

Naruto Uzamaki

he is gay bitch


hey im joking man your the best my parents don't even know i swear but seriously your the best but people say you r a begfriend but i the only person who knows your music man. Hey marshall you look funny when you were young


ticka ticka ticka slim shady im sicka him!!


Eminem you the best rapper alive from Denmark aka. Iraq

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