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January 26, 2006


Caitlin Brown

Kitty was exactly how you envisioned, but her fire was still with her ( in Virginia..) to the end- . She had a true passion for life, and was an inspiration to us all. I googled her name when I got back from Virginia- (her funeral)-, to see if there was anything that came up, and found your blog. Just wanted to say thank you. She inspired even those she did not know to cease the day - that was Kitty Schwarschild- she will be with me always.
Kind Regards,
Caitlin Brown (Kitty's grandaughter)

William Schwarzschild

So you would like the meet the person (actually - "people" - it was a collaborative effort among my brother, my sister and me) that penned the obituary about my mother, Kitty Schwarzschild. Well, hello! Kitty was an unconventional and remarkable woman and I am sorry that you never had the opportunity to meet her. The fact that you got a small taste of her incredible life from such a short obituary makes us feel like we got the message across.

William Schwarzschild

PS: Don't think for a minute that she slowed her pace upon her "exile" to Virginia!

Albert Wu

Wow. This is so touching to me for some reason. I love how the Internet forges these types of connections.




They put her obit in 96-point type? Or did you mean 8-point type? There are 12 points in a pica.


Wonderful launch comments for my coming article Re. Woman's History month

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