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June 28, 2005



The development of these versions of chuang seems to take a mysteriously Western progression. Archaic chuang is stark and soft, circular and Platonic. Normal chuang is new and improved, more modern and accommodating, but it doesn't wear well -- seems a little artificial. So we recapture a sense of the past with grasshand chuang, and we do so with more style than substance.

This is all conjecture on my part. I also wonder if the Chinese, who seem to have an issue with the concept of intellectual property, have paid Mr. Crumb or anybody else for appropriating the Truckin' dude as one of their characters.


That would be Mr. Natural. Whose form seems to be primal, elemental: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dbrown/7931157/


You taught English in Taiwan too? When were you there? I was in Taipei for four months fall, 1986. I fell in with some working class dudes, drank a lot of beer and had a great time. My best friend there spoke Englsih pretty well and he claimed it was entirely due to watching American movies and listening to Kansas.

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