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June 14, 2004


Matthew Vladimir

looking at my shape these days it might be hard to believe that i was a long distance runner, and that i trained everyday for 25 years. i might have been miss informed but i always waited 2 -3 hours after waking up for a run. something about core temperature and blood viscosity.

any truth to this or is this a myth?


I went the other day with extra immediacy upon arising. I set the alarm to get up early and was running before I even had my balance. I was all dizzy in the head but my blood sugar was fine and I felt fine in the energy dept right from the start. A sure sign of this is always when I give a reflexive giggle when the run starts -- sounds odd probably but that's what happens: I get a little shiver of pleasure right during the first few steps, feeling suddenly free and unfettered. I don't get that if I am in a blood sugar slump like the one that comes about two hours after rising.

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