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January 24, 2004



Hi Evan,

I respectfully disagree with your assessment. If I am too "weak" to live in New York City, do you have a suggested date by which I should move on? Also, can you possibly suggest a city where I might be more comfortable? Would Columbus, Ohio be ok? ScaryNY is not about cowering in fear of crime. It's about showing that bad things can sometimes happen to good people. Also (and I need to make this clearer) showing that New Yorkers are well over the fear of terrorism.

Either way, thanks for reading and the link.


liz maryland

Hi Evan,

I'm guessing you don't read my blog too often so I'll give you a few facs about this painful to "watch from the outside" story:

a) He broke up with me: http://www.ashidome.com/blogger/housearrest_link.asp?c=559
b) For some odd reason he still cares an awful lot about me: http://www.ashidome.com/blogger/housearrest_link.asp?c=588
c) We're living together until I can save up the money to move out (e.t.d. june)
d) The "manipulative" post was written in jest because *he* didn't want to go to the event in question. I wrote the post in a "tongue in cheek" way that my regular blog readers would recognize. I even cleared it with him (via IM) before posting it. He laughed and said it was pretty funny. I guess my humor wasn't as recognizable as I thought.
e) Yes, I still love him.

Oh, and if you come up to date, you'll find that I purchased tickets to New Orleans for the both of us: http://www.ashidome.com/blogger/housearrest_link.asp?c=590

So, if you were thinking that he's being taking advantage of, well...

Liz maryland

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